February 17, 2018

Making Libraries Sing | Music Matters

Instead of focusing on a genre of music, or items to add to your collections, this column offers a shout-out to a librarian with a double life, and the work she and others do to bring music to patrons in a variety of ways.

Money Talks | Research

Chelsea Dodd remembers learning how to handle money at an early age but later seeing grown-up cousins and college roommates prove terrible with their finances. To her, launching a series of programs at the Montclair Public Library, NJ, felt just as core to her mission as a librarian as helping patrons locate reference titles. Getting people to attend? That was another story.

Academic Movers 2014: In Depth with Karen Lauritsen

In this first of an interview series sponsored by SAGE, LJ goes in depth with this year’s Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, delving into just how and why they pulled off the projects that brought them recognition as innovators, change agents, and more. Karen Lauritsen was chosen as one of this year’s Tech Leaders for her work as Communications & Public Programs Coordinator at the Robert E. Kennedy Library of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Feedback: Letters to LJ, May 15, 2012 Issue

I need to offer a clarification to your roundup of library ballot measures in 2011 (Beth Dempsey, “Voters Keep the Doors Open,” LJ 3/15/12, p. 64–68). The story was correct in that Ohio’s Ada Public Library’s request for an operating levy in November 2011 did fail, but your percentages (49 percent for, 51 percent against) were not accurate. In fact, we did not get “beat” at all; we tied. The final tally was 844 votes for the levy, and 844 against. Unfortunately, the bar for passage is a majority. …Whenever anyone asks me now about campaigns, I always start by stressing the importance of voter turnout. I encourage you to think of Ada and that one vote the next time you are in a ­campaign.