April 19, 2018

Make the Right Move

Bill Overton will never forget moving the Morris Library at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. As president and CEO of Overton & Associates, Westminster, MD, he has spent the past 27 years relocating libraries, but this was his biggest job, at 1.6 million volumes.

Self-Publishing Skyrockets | PubCrawl

According to a new analysis released in October by ProQuest affiliate Bowker, the ISBN agency, self-publishing continued its growth spurt, up 59 percent in 2012 over 2011, from 246,912 titles to 391,768. The gains were even more startling over the longer period for which Bowker collected data: a 422 percent rise since 2007.

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 15, 2013 Issue

Letters to the editor from Library Journal’s, November 15, 2013 Issue

Mobile at the Library | Office Hours

I unpacked (slowly, slowly) my new iPhone 5S in a major moment of personal technolust. Upgrading from a quickly aging iPhone 4, the larger screen size, fingerprint identification, and enhanced camera pulled me in. It also caused me to reflect on the mobile device and its touchstone role with people in general and librarians in particular. What a history we’ve had together!

Library People News: Hires, Promotions, Retirements, and Obituaries

New Hires, Promotions, Retirements, and Obituaries from the November 15, 2013 issue of Library Journal.

Into the Wilds: A History of Cutting Edge Outreach | Editorial

Back in 1917, two librarians from the Missoula Public Library wanted to bring library service to the remote lumber camps that peppered Montana’s vast mining range. One of them, Ruth Worden, was from a very powerful Missoula family. When she brought the idea to the man in charge of the camps, Kenneth Ross, she didn’t know if it would work—if the lumberjacks would actually use the books—and neither did Ross. In fact, he expected they would not, notes a story in the Missoulian (ow.ly/qmqA0). But Ross felt he couldn’t say no to Worden, so packets of books started to arrive in the camp office in Bonner. A year later, 4,000 books had been checked out—and the case was made.

Suzie Allard | LJ Teaching Award Winner 2013

For the past decade, Suzie Allard has worked to build a specialty in science information and science data management. In the process, she has expanded the range of jobs available for the new librarians graduating from her programs. Allard, associate professor and associate director of the School of Information Sciences (SIS) in the College of Communication and Information (CCI) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK), now has been named the winner of the 2013 LJ Teaching Award, sponsored by ProQuest.