April 20, 2018

LA Archives Have Their Own TV Show

In Los Angeles, anyone can be a star—even a library collection. The story of Lost LA, which draws on a Los Angeles library consortium’s local collections, proves that with the right tools (and a willingness to collaborate), libraries can reach an even wider audience.

LA Library Card Not Becoming Immigrant ID

For those following the mainstream media, it may come as a surprise to find out that Los Angeles is not considering turning its library card into a form of official ID for undocumented immigrants. That’s certainly the impression created by headlines from the LA Times (L.A. to consider multi-use library cards for illegal immigrants), as […]

LA Librarian Leaves for USC

Los Angeles City Librarian Martín Gómez will leave the Los Angeles Public Library to accept the position of vice dean of the University of Southern California (USC) Libraries. He will begin at USC on April 2. Martin Gomez Gómez told LJ he’s making the move “because it is a great opportunity for me to do […]

The New Normal: Annual Library Budgets Survey 2012

Library Journal’s annual budget survey reveals that many public libraries are, at best, furiously treading water.
The 388 libraries that responded to the survey projected a negligible overall decrease in their total 2012 operating budgets (0.7 percent). Materials budgets are down 1.2 percent. And personnel budgets are relatively flat, with an uptick of just 0.2 ­percent.

Los Angeles Increases and Boston Preserves Service Hours

The Boston Public Library (BPL) and the Los Angeles Public Library have both recently had good news to report about their hours of service. In the case of Los Angeles, Monday service was reinstated at all 73 city libraries starting July 18. This was a direct result of the passage of Measure L on March […]