March 23, 2018

MARC, Linked Data, and Human-Computer Asymmetry | Peer to Peer Review

I had to put together the introductory lecture for my “XML and Linked Data” course early this time around, because I’ll be out of town for the first class meeting owing to a service obligation. Since I’m starting with linked data instead of XML this time, I found myself having to think harder about the question nearly every student carries into nearly every first-class meeting: “why should I be here?” Why, among all the umpty-billion things a library school could be teaching, teach linked data? Why does it matter?

Data, Discovery, Readers, and Records — ER&L 2014 In Review

Managing e-resources, developing collections, evaluating user behavior, and making e-content accessible is equal parts challenge and opportunity. This free LJ webcast, developed by Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L), offers attendees a brief look at user’s expectations, how e-content is presented to our users, what we need from our vendor partners to make e-content accessible, and tools to better analyze our user data.Archive is now available!

OverDrive To Feature Fast Turnaround MARC Records, New APIs For OPAC Customization

In response to feedback from librarians and their patrons, digital content distributor OverDrive will soon roll out several “next generation” features that will make ebooks easier to access and catalog, and will make audiobooks easier to sample and download, according to Steve Potash, president and chief executive officer of the Cleveland-based company. “We are going live with…one new partner and one new service to automate and reduce the time and cost for MARC records,” Potash explained during a June 14 meeting with LJ and SLJ staff.

Library of Congress Officials Say MARC Transition, Implementation of RDA ‘On Track’

The American Library Association’s recent Midwinter Meeting in Dallas provided a number of updates on the immensely complex and significant transition away from the MARC communication format as well as the implementation of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) cataloging code.