February 17, 2018

Materials Shift | Materials Survey 2014

As budgets fracture, both book and ebook circ statistics provide insights into what patrons are reading, as our 2014 materials survey illustrates. DVDs are still hot, too.

Georgia Tweaks State Funding Formula to Prioritize Librarians

A newly revised formula for annual state grants administered by the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) will, in many cases, translate into less money for libraries as of July 2014, when the new fiscal year begins. The overriding goal, GPLS officials told Library Journal, is to guarantee that more state money is spent on paid librarian positions. But the new formula—which factors in population and number of counties served to determine how much each library gets—leaves many scrambling to cover shortfalls in other areas.

Audio Spotlight: Marketing Strategies Help Vitalize Audiobook Collections

The audiobook industry continues to grow in near-equal measure in both the library and retail sectors, with the Audio Publishers Association (APA) ballparking sales at an all-time high of $1.2 billion. Libraries are in a real position to take advantage of the trend. Yet with diminished AV budgets, limited title and format availability, and a constant influx of competing downloadable and streaming offerings from the consumer realm, the prospect can be daunting. For libraries wanting to reap the benefits of increased awareness and discovery of their audio holdings, LJ spotlights some best practices in audiobook promotion, discusses some of the challenges inherent to the medium, and proposes new ways of thinking about audio that might even make it a catalyst for moving print.

Materials Mix: Investigating Trends in Materials Budgets and Circulation

Fifteen years ago, Library Journal launched its first annual book-buying survey of public libraries nationwide. Although materials budgets were referenced, the report focused almost exclusively on book budgets and book ­circulation.

This year, in long-overdue recognition of what today’s collections really look like—and what the reports have been covering for years—the entire effort has been rebranded the materials survey. Further distancing itself from its roots, the new survey will leave comparison of operating costs to LJ’s annual budget survey and concentrate exclusively on budget and circulation trends for the wide array of materials in public libraries today.