March 23, 2018

Tennessee Supreme Court: Library Photo ID Can’t Be Used for Voting

A recent defeat in Tennessee Supreme Court ended any chance that photo identification cards issued by the Memphis Public Library can be used as voter ID—at least for now. But Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris says the yearlong legal battle produced at least one significant victory, and hinted at future challenges to the state law.

TN Supreme Court: Memphis Library Cards Are Voter ID

Voters in Memphis, TN, can cast their ballots using nothing more than their photo library cards as the required government-issued picture identification, the state’s Supreme Court decided in a ruling handed down less than a week before Election Day. The order, issued on Nov. 1, affirmed a key portion of a lower court’s ruling and […]

After Courts Reject Library Card as Voter ID, Memphis Appeals Requirement

Looking to reverse two earlier setbacks in court, attorneys for the City of Memphis (and two registered voters) last week asked Tennessee’s Court of Appeals to hear its challenge to the state’s picture identification voter requirement, a legal battle rooted in the city’s decision to issue library cards to be used as photo ID.

Judge: Memphis Library Cards Aren’t Voter ID

New library cards that double as photo identification, a popular new innovation for residents in Memphis, TN, have triggered a legal dispute between the city and the state over whether the newly minted IDs alone should give cardholders access to vote. On July 31, a federal judge in Nashville may have settled the month-long controversy.