March 18, 2018

Bill in MI Would Limit Info to Voters; Librarians Protest

In Michigan, a new law that if signed by the governor will restrict the sharing of ballot information prior to voting has alarmed librarians and allies, who are calling for action. In a surprising last-minute vote on December 16 in Lansing, the Michigan house and senate acted in concert to send several bills to Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI). Among them was an amended version of Senate Bill 571, a finance reform measure, which included new language prohibiting libraries and other public resources from transmitting information about local ballot initiatives for 60 days prior to an election.

Community Angered by Tossed Black History Collection

Highland Park, MI, residents are still enraged that a selection of books and other materials from the local high school’s collection devoted to global black history was thrown away recently. The revelation that many hundreds of titles had been found in a dumpster has spurred one community protest, accusations of neglect and mismanagement, and the resignation of an appointed school board member.

Update: MI Court of Appeals: No Gun Ban for Libraries

Michigan district libraries, like other Michigan public libraries, may not ban guns, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today.

Bravo to MeL and what it says about libraries | Backtalk

This month the Library of Michigan celebrates the 20th birthday of its innovative Michigan eLibrary, affectionately known as MeL. One of the country’s earliest electronic libraries, MeL was toasted at a gala on October 4th that brought together scads of fans among residents, libraries, government (state and federal), and the information industry. Companies represented included ProQuest, Gale, LearningExpress, and Innovative Interfaces—all have worked with MeL since its pioneering days as “M-Link” and “Access Michigan.”

Michigan Libraries Seek To Curb Guns

On July 11, the Michigan Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in a case over whether a library can ban weapons. The case, Capital Area District Library (CADL) v. Michigan Open Carry Inc., was decided in favor of the Capital Area District Library last May by the Ingham County Circuit Court. The library, which serves […]

The New Normal: Annual Library Budgets Survey 2012

Library Journal’s annual budget survey reveals that many public libraries are, at best, furiously treading water.
The 388 libraries that responded to the survey projected a negligible overall decrease in their total 2012 operating budgets (0.7 percent). Materials budgets are down 1.2 percent. And personnel budgets are relatively flat, with an uptick of just 0.2 ­percent.