April 26, 2018

Catching Up on Copyright with Kyle Courtney | Not Dead Yet

It’s been a while since I spoke with the inimitable Kyle K. Courtney, 2015 LJ Mover and Shaker, “Harvard Hero” (for his work on copyright), and the organizer of the Copyright First Responder program at Harvard, among many, many other roles. With Fair Use / Fair Dealing Week upon us (Feb. 22nd – 26th), it seems like a good time to see what developments have taken place in Kyle’s universe since last we chatted in 2013.

Academic Movers 2014: In Depth with Kyle Denlinger

In the latest of our In-Depth Interviews with Library Journal Movers & Shakers from academic libraries, we caught up with Kyle Denlinger, eLearning Librarian at Wake Forest University’s Z. Smith Reynolds Library in North Carolina. Fresh out of library school, Denlinger helped create WFU’s information literacy massive open online course (MOOC) ZSRx: The Cure for the Common Web. It provided easy answers to common questions about online research. Passionate about library teaching, knowing “just enough HTML to be dangerous,” Delinger continues to promote life-long learning through the resources libraries can offer.

Infinite Learning | Office Hours

Deep in the conversations streams of the Hyperlinked Library MOOC (massive open online course), the large-scale professional development course I’m coteaching this fall for more than 300 library folk, my thoughts turn again to the concept of librarians as facilitators of learning. It becomes clear to me that as learning goes on the move, we not only must keep up with significant changes in education environments but aim to become connectors and collaborators within our users’ learning spaces.