March 23, 2018

Stakeholders Strive to Define Standards for Web-Scale Discovery Systems

There is great hope that these rapidly maturing discovery products will not only promote information literacy strategies but also deliver what metasearch (or federated search) has failed to achieve—a Google-like interface that provides a fast, single point of entry to an institution’s relevant and vetted scholarly content. However, at the moment, even as libraries are struggling to reestablish themselves as a compelling place to start research, the three constituencies—libraries, content providers, and discovery service vendors—cannot even agree on a common vocabulary to describe what they do.

Unpacking the Draft Code of Practice for Discovery Services | Backtalk

The draft code of practice for discovery services proposed by NFAIS doesn’t grapple with some of the business realities that underlie why some of the challenges facing the creation and use of a discovery service exist, and why they plausibly will continue to exist regardless of what may be best for a user and her discovery process.