February 17, 2018

Higher Ed in State of Flux for the Fall | From the Bell Tower

The need for greater accountability in higher education is back in the spotlight, and this time the major advocate calling for it is President Obama. A new plan for rating colleges and connecting it to financial aid allotments is sure to put higher ed administrators on edge.

Epiphanies from the White House Twitter Town Hall: the Power in the Palm of Our Hand

In a guest post, Alexia Hudson describes how she got invited to participate in the Tweet Up and the lessons she left with:

There aren’t many life experiences more exciting, surreal, and transformative than being an invited guest into the White House. Even more incredible than receiving the invitation, however, is the one small thing that led me to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on July 6.

If the White House Holds a Town Hall and No Librarians Show Up, Will Anyone Hear Them?

Yesterday, I was busy. So it seems were the rest of the passionate library activists and advocates that fire off ideas and brainstorm with one another on Twitter all day, every day. As Obama’s Town Hall on Twitter took off, pulling in over 65,000 questions for the President, libraries weren’t in the mix, even though […]