February 17, 2018

Librarian and Designer Pop Up a May Day Library on the Street

If you thought the Occupy Wall Street (LWS) Library’s story was over, think again. Though OWS today filed suit against New York City for allegedly destroying books (among other things), what remained of the books got a surprise sequel, with a feel-good ending.

ALA Midwinter 2012: Occupy Wall St. Librarians Wonder, When Did Sharing Become a Revolutionary Act?

“How have we come to a place where the sharing of books, and the gathering and disseminating of knowledge has come to be such a revolutionary act—one that brought the full force of the militarized New York police department down upon it?” asked an OWS librarian. “I think the reason is that today we see an all-out assault on what libraries stand for and what they do.”

Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

In the first news stories, the fact that Occupy Wall Street had a library seemed a bit whimsical, sort of like that iconic photo of a dancer perched on the back of the equally iconic statue of a charging bull. How funny! A library for a group that has no leaders and no rules? It […]