February 17, 2018


Life Is Like an Open Book | Open Access in Action

The Open Educational Resources (OER) phenomenon promises access to information with fewer barriers to academics, but the change will be disruptive. As Open Access has created turmoil among peer-reviewed journal publishers, OERs have similarly challenged curriculum. Learning content—from textbooks to course readings, assessment tools, and other material—was traditionally the domain of a few specialized publishers. However, with the advent (and dramatic proliferation) of digital content, traditional publishers have struggled to keep up.

Updates and a Big Kudos to Portland State University Library! | Not Dead Yet

Given a number of good news items that came across my desk the past week or so, I thought it’d be worthwhile highlighting some of them for readers, since some follow up on past posts and people, while another describes great work by Portland State University Library.

Partnering To Advance Openness | From the Bell Tower

The year just ended left a lot to desire. For academic librarians it was a mixed bag of the good and bad, giving us cause for optimism while simultaneously leaving us, on occasion, wondering if we were making much progress in bringing change to higher education.