April 20, 2018

Paralibrarian of the Year 2013: Laura Poe

The joyful Laura Poe began her career at the ­Athens-Limestone Public Library (ALPL) in Athens, AL, working as the cleaning person. Since that first role, her willingness to take on any position and responsibility at ALPL, her contagious smile and the inspiring pleasure she takes in the library, and her work with people make her a model for everyone there. Her ability and willingness to work, study, and parent—all full-time jobs—are exemplary. The testimony to Laura Poe’s achievements by her colleagues at ALPL signify her as the obvious winner of the LJ Paralibrarian of the Year award for 2013, sponsored by Demco, Inc.

Paralibrarian of the Year 2012: Linda Dahlquist

A 17-year veteran with the Volusia County Public Library (VCPL), Dahlquist was promoted through every paraprofessional classification in just over three years. She is now a library associate, and her work is so respected that her fellow staffers, including the librarians, named her VCPL’s “Unsung Hero” and presented her with their Customer Service Award as well.

Because of the range of her duties, her creative initiatives to improve library service, her teamwork, and her model efforts to help library users, Linda Dahlquist is LJ’s 2012 Paralibrarian of the Year, an award sponsored by DEMCO, Inc.

ALA Annual 2011: A Radiant Gilda Ramos Accepts Paralibrarian of the Year Honor

Gilda Ramos—radiant in both speech and dress—accepted the award for Paralibrarian of the Year at a lively event held at the historic Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans. The $1500 award was sponsored by DEMCO, Inc.