April 19, 2018

Library Jobs in the New Society | Blatant Berry

When governments run the corporations, it is communism. When corporations run the governments, as Mussolini showed us, it is fascism. To keep our society between and away from those extremes, we need a humane, socially, politically, and economically responsible entrepreneurial capitalism. That is a paraphrase of some of what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in his keynote speech at the recent conference of the Public Library Association (PLA) in Philadelphia. I didn’t record his exact words, but that is what I took away.

That Sound You Hear? It’s The Library World Changing

At my first ALA conference, I attended a “marketing” session that swooned over shoelaces as a great word of mouth marketing technique. At this PLA the marketing tracks focused on measurement, datamining, focusing our story on a few key messages and redefining how we go to market. Hallelujah!

Program-Palooza! Rundown in Brief | PLA 2012

Jennifer Lawson, Program Services Librarian, San Diego County Library presented Program-Palooza!, a panel at the PLA Conference in Philadelphia that featured 60 different programs to encourage libraries to become community social centers and places to hang out.

Did You Miss the #PLA12 Unconference? | PLA 2012

Live stream archive from the first-ever Unconference at PLA, Friday March 16 in Philadelphia, PA.

Making Moral Choices with Four Debut Authors | PLA 2012

“I’m not a political person,” proclaimed Stephen Dau at the packed Public Library Association panel “Meet This Season’s Best in Debut Authors,” a new event initiated by Penguin library rep Alan Walker, to whom we can all be grateful. At first, it seemed like a surprising assertion, as his debut, The Book of Jonas, features a 15-year-old in an unnamed Muslim country orphaned when American troops decimate his village.