February 19, 2018

Q&A: Random House VP Skip Dye on Ebooks in Libraries

Skip Dye, vice president, director of library and academic marketing and sales for Random House, discusses the publisher’s views on ebooks in libraries as part of a series of Q&As leading up to “The Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond,” LJ’s third annual ebook summit on Wednesday, October 17.

ALA Contemplating a Seal of Approval for Ebook Business Models | ALA Annual 2012

The American Library Association’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group has had a busy year, and it is now halfway through its two-year mission to help guide ALA in its response to all the challenges and difficulties that ebooks are presenting to the librarian community, with a particular focus on public librarians and the Big […]

First Harper, Now Random | Editorial

The latest change in the library ebook marketplace, Random House’s steep rise in its ebook prices—initially said to be as much as 300 percent on some trade titles—may be even more devastating than the 26-loan cap imposed by HarperCollins last year on ebook circulation.

Our Ebook Future: Librarians and publishers in dialog | The Digital Shift

In this Article Random House HarperCollins Melville House The reading ecosystem is evolving fast, even as you read this. Facing the rapid transition to ebooks together, rather than in isolated camps, librarians, publishers, authors, and readers can ensure that we meet our missions on all fronts. This series of conversations is a start, aspiring to […]