March 17, 2018

Darien Library Launches SOPAC3 Catalog, Website

Connecticut’s Darien Library on June 1 debuted its new online catalog system, SOPAC3, along with a mobile-friendly responsive design website that integrates seamlessly with the new catalog. Features include linked accounts, allowing parents to see what their children have checked out without a separate login, patron control over checkout histories and “wish lists” of items from the catalog stored with their profile, the ability to register and RSVP for library events from their profile screen, and full integration with the Envisionware eCommerce system used by Darien. Eventually, the library plans to release the source code for the entire suite, making it available for free to other interested libraries.

The Mobile Challenge | The User Experience

Right now, the biggest trend in website design is responsive web design (RWD). In a responsive design, a website elegantly displays on any size device. The popularity of RWD is, in part, a response to the proliferation of mobile devices. In hopes of increasing usability, organizations want to ensure that people can use their sites no matter how they’re accessing the web. But RWD isn’t itself a solution to library website woes. As I see it, there are two problems: RWD can only accomplish so much, and it doesn’t address the root issue of providing library services in a mobile context.