April 26, 2018

Letting Go While Hanging Around | Backtalk

It has been a few months since I left the library director position of my dreams and more than 12 since making my intention public. This all adds up to a roller-coaster year of transition.

Benefiting from Your Benefits | Not Dead Yet

Okay folks, it’s time to talk about one of those things they usually don’t cover in library school: job benefits. As any employer can tell you, the cost of your benefits is considerable (or at least, usually it is, if you have halfway decent benefits, and most libraries do provide at least that). Which means your employment provides you with stuff to which you may not pay a lot of attention…until you’re up against a problem and really need that safety net.

Hey Boomer Academic Librarians: Let’s Talk About Retirement | From the Bell Tower

When to call it quits is a vexing matter for many library professionals. Recognizing we need to move along to create opportunities for new colleagues is just one consideration. Higher ed faculty are having a similar debate, but many are choosing to hang on as long as they can.