February 17, 2018

LJ Index 2014: The Star Libraries

Despite the promotion of outcome-based evaluation by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) almost from its inception in 1996, the difference among an input, an output, and an outcome is still unclear to many in the public library community. Indeed, the term input can be added to this confusion. So, some might find it helpful to substitute for the sound-alike terms input, output, and outcome “library resources,” “library services,” and “user changes.”

Toledo Library Studies Return on Investment

Toledo-Lucas County, OH, Public Library conducted a study to calculate the library’s return on investment. The study computed the value of the library’s services in two different ways: by economic impact analysis, which yielded a figure of $118.3 million, and by adding up the value of the services provided by the library, which totaled $136.1 […]