February 17, 2018

Crossroads of Design | Library by Design, Fall 2014

In a time when the mission of libraries is rapidly evolving, how can we craft buildings that not only endure but thrive when meeting new challenges? This question underlined the learning at LJ’s Design Institute (DI) held May 16 in Salt Lake City. Presenters and peers asked attendees to redefine how they thought about sustainability, exploring the idea in terms of conserving energy and being environmentally responsible and looking at the sustainability of a building holistically—from how comfortable patrons and employees are to how the space can change to support new ventures, some of which designers and librarians might not have imagined yet.

Design Institute Design Challenges | Library by Design, Fall 2014

At LJ’s Design Institute: Salt Lake City, attendees in interactive brainstorming breakout sessions addressed design challenges posed by real life libraries in Texas, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.

Major Salt Lake City Newspaper Editorial Critical of Library Leadership

The Salt Lake Tribune, the largest newspaper in Salt Lake City, published an editorial on October 22 entitled “Library’s Faults Are at the Top,” which says in part that “Library Director Beth Elder has clearly lost the confidence of her own staff, professionals and volunteers.” Elder’s tenure at the library has been tumultuous as LJ […]