March 20, 2018

San Antonio Libraries’ Standoff Ends In Partnership

The San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) and BiblioTech, the all-digital library operated by Bexar County and also located in San Antonio, have reached an agreement that will let the county reduce its payments to the city by hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, instead reinvesting that cash in digital content that will be accessible to users of both library systems. The compromise marks the resolution of a funding fight that stretches back to last year, when city officials complained that the county was not footing its fair share of the bill for library services.

Library Construction Update: New and Renovated Buildings, 06/03/11

San Francisco’s 2000 Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP) bond measure has funded its 18th project—the Merced Branch Library, which reopened on May 14. The renovation also added 1100 square feet to the 5140 square foot library, which originally opened in 1958. Among the building’s upgrades are a designated teen space, a children’s area double its […]