March 16, 2018

Library Card Design Contest Winners Announced by San Francisco PL

The San Francisco Public Library has announced the winners of its Library Card Design Contest organized by ImproveSF, a citywide program designed to help the local government to work directly with its citizens on different projects. Five winning designs—one from each of five age/grade categories—were ultimately selected from a field of 3,500 entries submitted in September and October. A panel of judges initially winnowed the field to 10 finalists in each age group; the public then selected the winners by voting at

Open Access Petition Passes 25,000 Threshold

A petition calling for public access to all federally funded research posted last month on the White House’s “We the People” website has garnered the 25,000 signatures necessary to be considered for action by the Obama Administration.

Powerful Partnerships: Shared Sites | Library by Design, Spring 2012

Libraries have long shared acreage with other organizations as part of a civic campus, but today’s partnerships provide more than a convenient location for government services.

Powerful Partnerships: Mixed-Use Development | Library by Design, Spring 2012

A branch library in Portland, OR, is considered to be part of the first public-private housing partnership. Since it opened, other libraries nationwide have entered into similar arrangements, with lessons learned for ­libraries.

The New Normal: Annual Library Budgets Survey 2012

Library Journal’s annual budget survey reveals that many public libraries are, at best, furiously treading water.
The 388 libraries that responded to the survey projected a negligible overall decrease in their total 2012 operating budgets (0.7 percent). Materials budgets are down 1.2 percent. And personnel budgets are relatively flat, with an uptick of just 0.2 ­percent.

Library Construction Update: New and Renovated Buildings, 06/03/11

San Francisco’s 2000 Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP) bond measure has funded its 18th project—the Merced Branch Library, which reopened on May 14. The renovation also added 1100 square feet to the 5140 square foot library, which originally opened in 1958. Among the building’s upgrades are a designated teen space, a children’s area double its […]