April 20, 2018


Research: Library Large Print Still Needed

For blind and partially sighted individuals, reading is not just something they do for school or work: A 2012 study of blind individuals in the United Kingdom found that 82 percent reported reading for pleasure, with nearly 60% saying they read for more than ten hours a week.


The Love of Reading Writ Large: Curating and Promoting Large Print Collections

Serving the public good has long been the mandate of all libraries. Providing everyone with access to information, without regard to income or demographic differences, is perhaps a library’s most noble aspiration. For patrons with visual challenges, this has meant providing books in multiple formats, including large print.

Tysha Shay | Movers & Shakers 2015 — Innovators

For Tysha Shay, serving patrons who are traditionally overlooked and underserved is a mission. Inspired by her time as a caregiver for her grandmother, who developed dementia and later Alzheimer’s, Shay became sensitized to the struggles of older adults and wondered how she could better serve them. In 2012, she developed Stories for Life, an outreach program in which she visits facilities throughout Springfield, MO, each month to share stories with residents as well as read poetry, play interactive memory games, and highlight historical or local information. Shay is dedicated to providing services to community members who, for various reasons, can no longer visit the library in person.