March 17, 2018

LIS Education Q&A with Toni Samek, 2007 Teaching Award Winner

To reconnect with them and catch up with their current thinking, we recently sent five questions to each of the first five winners of the LJ Teaching Award. Their thoughtful responses will be featured in this online series sponsored by ProQuest.

Our fifth and last interview: Toni Samek, winner of the first Teaching Award in 2007, is a Professor, School of Library & Information Studies at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton.

LJ Teaching Award 2007: Toni Samek

The winner of the first annual LJ Teaching Award, sponsored by ProQuest, is a light for human rights and core values Her work goes far beyond the three standard measures of academic performance: teaching, research, and service. Her teaching “is deeply informed by her commitment to, and scholarship in, human rights and the core values […]