April 20, 2018

Breaking the Panopticon | Peer to Peer Review

Teaching from the real world is pure joy most of the time. Students love it when they see something from class in the pixels of library journals and magazines, the mass media, or the technology press. Most of the time, discussing change while it’s happening is a visceral lesson in professional adaptability and continuous learning. However, I could have done without having to teach technology-related privacy issues to my “Digital Trends, Tools, and Debates” students in the shadow of the NSA’s newly-revealed surveillance practices.

Collection Bashing & Trashing | Office Hours

A few months ago I suggested that one of the things preventing librarians from working at web scale might be “a lingering emphasis on collections over users.” I and others have argued that the evolution of libraries and library service will include a pronounced shift from libraries as book warehouses to libraries as centers for discovery, learning, and creation via any number of platforms. I might have been guilty of a bit of collection bashing in these discussions, and recent occurrences of collection trashing have given me pause.

Elsevier Debuts Peer Review Transparency Pilot

Scientific journal publisher Elsevier launched a pilot project testing peer review transparency as part of its ongoing Content Innovation project, the company announced on April 2.  Review reports for articles in Elsevier’s Agricultural and Forest Meteorology will be published alongside the article on SciVerse ScienceDirect throughout 2012, provided they meet quality standards. If successful, the […]