February 16, 2018

Trenton Mayor, Under Investigation, Opens Last Un-Library

Embattled Trenton, NJ, Mayor Tony Mack intends to go through with the reopening of the city’s fourth and final Learning Center, formerly the Trenton Free Public Library (TFPL)’s East Trenton Branch, today. Mack announced the opening on his personal Facebook page several days before it appeared on the official site, perhaps to quash rumors that […]

More Trenton Ex-Libraries Reopened as Learning Centers

Trenton’s un-libraries are still steaming ahead. Mayor Tony Mack reopened the former Cadwalader branch on June 4, according to the Times of Trenton. That’s the third of four library branches that had been closed due to budget cuts, leaving Trenton with only its main library operational. As LJ reported, Trenton’s Mayor and Council couldn’t provide […]

Trenton Mayor Reopens Closed Library Branch as “Building With Books”

Trenton, NJ, Mayor Tony Mack reopened the first of the city’s four closed library branches on April 30 – sort of. The former Skelton branch of the Trenton Free Public Library is one of four branches that have been closed for budget reasons since August 2010, leaving only the main library open. So reopening them […]