February 17, 2018

Confronting the Problem of Surplus Value | Peer to Peer Review

The concept of surplus value clearly works well in a marketplace context, where goods and services are exchanged for money in real time, making it easy and intuitive to think in terms of value versus cost. But what relevance does it have in the library context, where services are (or seem to be) provided at no charge?

ACRL White Paper Recommends Ways for Academic Libraries to Demonstrate Value

The ACRL released a white paper today that presents five recommendations for academic librarians to help them demonstrate value, one of the top strategic prioritties for ACRL.

How Much Would You Pay to Search for the Royal Wedding Guest List?

What would users pay per search to get at the wealth of web data to which they’ve become accustomed? What’s the reasonable search price on “the royal wedding guest list”? Kevin Kelly highlights some interesting research into relative search measures and merits, research that also points to some interesting questions about how to measure the value of library materials, discovery services, and even library services more broadly.