April 23, 2018

Napping in the Library—On Purpose

While librarians often consider patrons sleeping in the library a problem to be solved, at Wesleyan it is now something to be encouraged. Wesleyan University installed EnergyPods in its Olin and Science libraries on October 16, University Librarian Patricia Tully told LJ. The pods were donated by Wesleyan alumni Christopher Lindholst and Arshad Chowdury, co-founders of MetroNaps. They’re designed to provide the perfect environment for a 20 minute nap, from positioning to privacy to white noise and a gentle wake-up call via vibrations and lighting rather than a blaring alarm clock.

Wesleyan to Close Art Library

Wesleyan University will close the Art Library in Davison Art Center in 2014 and transfer the 25,000 titles currently there to the Olin Library, the Wesleyan Argus reported on April 5. Some of the art collection is already housed in the Olin Library, since the Art Library reached capacity in the mid 1990s. In addition […]