April 20, 2018

Scribd Adds “Dummies,” Releases Data | PubCrawl

On April 30, Scribd, which launched its “all you can read” $8.99 per month ebook subscription with Harper­Collins as the first (and still only) Big Five publisher last fall, announced a deal that brought 1,000 Wiley titles to its subscription service, including all those in the “For Dummies” series.

Coursera, Publisher Pilot Offers Licensed Content to MOOC Students

aBeginning May 8, instructors providing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) via Coursera will have the option to supplement their video lectures with content from major academic publishers Cengage Learning, Macmillan Higher Education, Oxford University Press, SAGE Publications,and Wiley, at no cost to their students. And that’s just the beginning: “Coursera is also actively discussing pilot agreements and related alliances with Springer and additional publishers,” the company said in a statement. This could be a sea change for both MOOCs and publishers’ business models.

Textbook Publishers Settle Counterfeit Claims

Cengage Learning, John Wiley and Sons, Pearson Education, and McGraw-Hill Education settled five copyright and trademark infringement claims related to counterfeit textbooks, the companies announced recently. The five distributors who agreed to settle the publishers’ claims are: Kentwood Industries in California, Texas Book Company in Texas, Sterling Educational Media in Florida, Davis Textbook in California, […]

Eyes Wide Open? | Peer to Peer Review

Ask a librarian how many books she has in her collection, and you will usually get a pretty accurate answer. But ask where those books were printed, and you will get a confused look. Notice I said printed, not published. Our catalog records contain place of publication, but that is not the same as place […]

No Big Deal: Three Libraries Survive Cuts to Serials Access | ALA Annual 2012

No Big Deal: Three Libraries Survive Cuts to Serials Access | ALA Annual 2012

Supreme Court to Hear Case on First Sale of Imported Textbooks

The Supreme Court agreed on April 16 to hear a case on whether an overseas purchaser of a copyrighted work may resell it in the U.S. without the copyright holder’s permission. The petitioner is Supap Kirtsaeng, who resold textbooks published by John Wiley & Sons that were purchased overseas to U.S.-based students without the publisher’s […]