February 17, 2018

OCLC Introduces WorldCat Discovery Services

OCLC on January 22 announced WorldCat Discovery Services (WDS), a suite of cloud-based applications that combines FirstSearch and WorldCat Local. Beginning in March, the suite will offer FirstSearch subscribers access to a central index that represents nearly 2,000 e-content collections containing articles, ebooks, and other content from providers including EBSCO, Gale, and ProQuest. In total, WDS will enable the discovery of 1.3 billion electronic, digital, and physical resources in libraries around the world, using a single search.

Librarypedia: The Future of Libraries and Wikipedia

The Wikipedia Library is an open research hub started in 2010 when Credo Reference donated 500 free research accounts to Wikipedia’s most active editors. Partnerships with HighBeam, Questia, JSTOR, and the Cochrane Library followed. Now, the Wikipedia Library is developing into a portal to connect editors with libraries, open access resources, paywalled databases, digital reference tools, and research experts. Two of the project’s leaders discuss the potential for collaboration between libraries and Wikipedia, as well as the new Visiting Scholars pilot program.

OCLC Launches Library Spotlight, Focuses on Power of Syndication

OCLC recently launched Library Spotlight, a new, free service that uses data from the WorldCat Registry to make it easier for users to find location and contact information for libraries using the web, and includes analytics tools to help libraries examine patron traffic trends or compare their collections and services to other libraries by location, local demographics, or other criteria.

OCLC and Gale Expand Partnership, All Gale Database Will Be Discoverable via WorldCat Local

From an OCLC News Release: OCLC and Gale, part of Cengage Learning have agreed to make all Gale databases and archives fully discoverable through WorldCat Local. [Clip] OCLC and Gale have been offering access to some of Gale’s most popular databases to mutual subscribers through the WorldCat Local discovery and delivery service. This new agreement […]

OCLC recommends Open Data Commons Attribution License

OCLC is recommending that member institutions that would like to release their catalog data on the Web do so with the Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-BY). The license allows users to share, copy, distribute, modify, transform and build upon a database, provided that users “attribute any public use of the database, or works produced from the database, in the manner specified in the license,” according to ODC’s simple language summary. OCLC has requested that participants making use of WorldCat-derived data conform to the norms defined in the WorldCat Rights and Responsibilities. The ODC-BY license will also be used by OCLC, as it releases additional sets of WorldCat data, including future linked data projects.

National Library of Sweden: “No Deal with OCLC” on WorldCat Participation [UPDATED]

The National Library of Sweden ended five years of negotiations with OCLC without an agreement regarding participation in WorldCat, citing issues surrounding OCLC record use policy, according to a press release posted today on the National Library’s website.

OCLC App Makes Connections

OCLC announced a clever new prototype online app yesterday called the WorldCat Identities Network, which creates a visual web connecting people, fictional characters, or corporations in the WorldCat Identities database. The project, led by OCLC Research user interface designer JD Shipengrover, uses the WorldCat Search API to help create the maps, which can be used […]