Assistive Technology

We look forward to your participation in Library Journal and School Library Journal’s virtual event, TechKnowledge: Creating Equity Through Technology. Thank you for letting us know that you plan to use assistive technology to access the event.

Unfortunately (and ironically, given the theme), testing has shown that assistive technology users may have trouble with the virtual event platform (ON24). We take accessibility very seriously, have notified ON24 of the issues, and are exploring other long-term solutions.  We apologize for the limitations and hope that the following information and guidance will help you get the most out of this event experience.

  1. We strongly advise logging in half an hour to an hour before the event begins to test your software.
  2. Please Install Flash ahead of time and make sure you are using an up-to-date browser and operating system.
  3. Because the virtual event lobby is hard to navigate using assistive software, we will be emailing you direct links to every session so you can bypass the lobby. You may join each session up to 15 minutes before it begins.
  4. Each time you click on a session link, you will be presented with a registration page. You only need to complete the email field to register. Once you have registered, you may need to copy and paste the session URL into the address bar of your browser to continue on to the session.  However, you must repeat this process for each session.  The system will not remember your registration.
  5. Presentation materials and resources will be made available in a Dropbox folder. The link will be provided to you prior to the event.
  6. After the event, MP4 recordings of all of the sessions will be added to the Dropbox.
  7. Assistive technology users who wish to ask a question of a presenter but cannot operate the session’s Q&A console, or who wish to interact with a library vendor but cannot navigate the virtual exhibit hall, please email and we will relay your comments or put you in contact with them directly.
  8. The event hashtag is #techknowledge17. If you have trouble using the Twitter widget through ON24, please do join the conversation on Twitter directly.

Thank you for your patience with these imperfect workarounds.
We will do our best to iterate and improve the experience in the future.