February 16, 2018

Data-Driven Libraries Part 2: Understanding Customers Through Segmentation Analytics

Customer segmentation studies and data analytics combines demographic data with lifestyle information to help public libraries better understand who their customers are and what services best meet the community’s need, whether school-aged children or empty-nester couples. This type of GIS-based market segmentation can also help inform strategies around such initiatives as a levy ballot and also eliminate inefficient marketing efforts. Archive now available!

Data-Driven Libraries Part 1: Analyzing Data to Manage Print Collections

Data-driven collection analysis is growing quickly as libraries take advantage of the new tools and services on the market that allow for rapid evidence-based decision making about everything from what materials to buy and how to deploy collections. Such data is also underpinning large collaborative efforts to create shared strategies for management of print collections. Archive now available!

About the Library 2.0 Gang Podcast

Cosponsored by Library Journal and Talis The Library 2.0 Gang is a regular monthly roundtable podcast hosted by Richard Wallis, joined by several panelists drawn from a pool of regulars from the world of libraries and the technologies that influence them. Each month The Gang will be joined by a guest with knowledge or insight […]

Library 2.0 Gang Podcast: Regular Contributors and Guests

Regulars contributors: Richard Wallis, Host John Blyberg Char Booth Nicole C. Engard Carl Grant Rob Styles Richard Wallis, Host Apart from the odd diversion into the live music industry, Richard Wallis has a 35-year plus career in the computer information industry, the last 18 at a leading UK library technology company, Talis. His professional experience, […]

Library 2.0 Gang Podcast: March 2008

Podcast: Download | Listen (43 minutes) About: The Library 2.0 Gang | Regulars | Guests March 2008: Code4lib The Open Library, ILS APIs, and New Cataloging Influences are the subjects under discussion on our first show. Gang Regulars John Blyberg, Nicole C. Engard, Carl Grant, Char Booth, and Rob Styles are joined by Aaron Swartz […]